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Shower Screens Sydney

There are a couple of reasons why you should consider getting a shower screen installed in your bathroom. The two main reasons why someone should consider getting a shower screen installed are for practical purposes and to also improve the function of your bathroom so it has a more modern look.

A thickened 10mm safety glass shower screen for your Sydney bathroom provides one important practical application for you to consider. It keeps the water enclosed in the area of the bathroom. You need to make sure that the glass in your shower screen is strong and has thickened glass that won't crack or break. If the glass happens to crack or break then it creates a hazard for you in your bathroom. Not only is there the risk of cutting your feet from the glass but also of excess water spilling out into the rest of the bathroom which creates a slipping hazard.

Another important reason why you may consider installing a glass shower screen for your Sydney bathroom is to achieve a more modern and functional look in your bathroom. Adding a new shower screen to your bathroom can even achieve the desired look of making your bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Not only that but a new shower screen can also make your bathroom look more modern. For example if you've just renovated your bathroom and you have a shower screen that is old and tacky looking then it doesn't fit in well with the rest of the new renovated look.

There are two types of shower screens for your Sydney bathroom you should consider installing. One is a typical open and close type of shower door and the other is a sliding door. Each has their pros and cons. Pros are that they can achieve a modern look in your bathroom. Some common cons are that mold can develop and sometimes water can get trapped in the crevices of an open and shut type of shower door.

If you live in Sydney, and need a shower screen installed in your bathroom then get in touch with the team at Amrah Glass and Aluminium.